Ellen Katherine

Integrated therapies for chronic pain, anti aging, injury prevention and more.

self care for a pain free life

the MELT method

Melt away wrinkles and cellulite by learning to access the myofascial meridian points and see which areas of the body are stimulated and healed by this process.

"Ever since Ellen introduced me to MELT, my body has been more fluid and flowing in all those tight places that have been so hard to reach in other ways I’ve tried. I highly recommend Ellen and her loving, magical knowledge of the body."

Liz G.

“Learning the MELT hand treatments from Ellen has given me relief from the early signs of arthritis that were interfering with my work (and life). I do it every day.”

Jeff. E.

“Ellen’s guided sessions on the MELT method have been instrumental in relieving minor pains in my hips, ankles, and hands. I always appreciate feeling more relaxed and balanced throughout my body following these sessions.”

Lori C.


Amba Movement

Through these embodiment practices, we are able to remember our true essence and access a source of primordial love and deep nourishment from within.

amba movement

bed time tuck in

Amba Movement

full moon gatherings

Amba Movement

birthdays + showers + more

Coming in 2022.

awaken from within

Vitality Coaching

Coming in 2022

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.

Martha Graham


Annual Cleanse Classes Herbal Medicine & Plant Walks

"Ellen's movement class was like a set of jumper cables to my soul! I didn't know how much I needed that."

Mary N.

"If I was going to take an exercise class, I would only ever take it with Ellen."

Eden F., Age 14

"After using the face oil Ellen made for me, I left my house without makeup for the first time in...I don't even know...a really, really long time."

Rebecca S.

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