All of these life-changing books are available for purchase online through Oakland, California’s Marcus Books, the oldest black-owned independent bookstore in the United States:

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Energy Codes: The Seven-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, by Dr. Sue Morter

Loving What Is, by Byron Katie

The Melt Method: A Breakthrough Self-Treatment System to Eliminate Chronic Pain, Erase the Signs of Aging, and Feel Fantastic in Just 10 Minutes A Day, by Sue Hitzmann

Melt Performance: A Step-by-Step Program to Accelerate Your Fitness Goals, Improve Balance and Control, and Prevent Chronic Pain and Injuries for Life, by Sue Hitzmann

The Presence Process, by Michael Browne



The Awareness Institute: For over thirty years, the Awareness Institute has offered one of the most comprehensive and effective series of personal growth workshops in the United States. Culminating in their annual summer series, which includes a six-week raw vegan herbal cleanse and a silent wilderness retreat on Mount Shasta, their work is unparalleled.

The City Waves Five Rhythms Dance: Located in the heart of San Francisco and facilitated by Alessandro Moruzzi and Vehllia Tranne, The City Waves facilitates Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms dance in a way that never fails to bring dancers further into their bodies and into their true selves, so that the dance becomes a glorious expression of their own essence.

The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education: Founded by Sage Maurer, the Gaia School of Healing was born from a deep devotion to Gaia, a commitment to healing our communities, and love for the sacred nature of plants. It bridges the realms of science and the realms of the spirit, supporting others in caring for themselves and their communities. Their Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeships focus on working with plants as medicine for the body and spirit, weaving scientific research with ancient traditions of folk medicine. Participants partner with plants as conscious beings, learning directly through hands on personal experience. Though the Gaia School trains students in many concepts of western scientific herbalism, the basis of their practice is rooted in sacred ways of working with the spirits of plants as our ancestors have always done. The Gaia School recognizes that many of us are relearning traditions of herbal medicine that have been kept alive by our families, ancestors, and communities around the world. The medicine plants we learn from in class are sacred to many cultures and peoples, including long histories of medicine traditions from every continent. Our hope is for herbal medicine to be remembered and rediscovered by more communities.

The Water Keepers Community: Founded by multidimensional psychiatrist and somatic therapist Liz Gutierrez, MD, the Water Keepers Community explores the connection between the health of our inner, fluid, emotional nature and how we care for our watersheds, oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. She is deeply committed to what she calls “human ecological restoration,” and has a deep commitment to creating a global community around the sacred work of water keeping. In her words, “I have a sacred commitment to water – to be a messenger for water, to restore the waters of our planet to their pure, pristine natural state, and to channel these waters to fertile soil for revitalization and growth.”

Ciela Wynter/Joan of Sparc: Ciela offers a guru-free, community-based approach to personal growth for women who want to go inward for their own answers.



AYRX Yoga Swings: Woman-founded and -owned AYRx Yoga Swings was created by a master yogi, body worker, and physicist (yes, all three) to help you access your favorite yoga poses without compressing your spine, all while activating your sense of creativity and play. Washable, portable, cozy and stretchy, they hug your body while giving your spine much-needed traction. Your will have a hard time getting your kids out of your yoga swing!

Jumpsport trampolines: are the industry standard, and were engineered specifically for safety. Here at Ellen Katharine Embodiment, we own four fitness trampolines and a full size backyard trampoline. We use them in our practice all the time, and find that they enhance vitality and up “the joy factor” more quickly than almost ANY other movement tool. Rebounding enhances your lymph flow, energizes every cell in your body, and uplifts even the most dismal mood. We highly recommend investing in a Jumpsport trampoline, turning on some music you love, and bouncing your way into some seriously elevated states.

Studio355 Pilates: Lead instructor and owner Allison Fall brings her decades-worth of professional experience as a movement teacher and master Pilates instructor to everything she does in this world-class studio. Her post-rehab work is the best of the best. She is also a certified Level V (the highest possible) MELT method instructor and offers both Zoom and in-person classes, so you can access her expertise from anywhere in the world.



We love to ask this question of our friends, so we thought we’d ANSWER it here for you:

ALL of the clothing, jewelry and accessories featured on this website were created by woman-owned, sustainable, healthy-body-image positive, BIPOC, and/or locally-owned vendors. We are proud to support and advertise for our allies in upliftment, who continue to revolutionize the sacred art form of adornment with an eye towards mindful inclusion:

Alo Yoga: Alo Yoga’s nonprofit Alo Gives is dedicated to bringing movement and mindfulness to kids of all ages – this is Alo’s mission, their reason for being: to bring yoga to the world. They have also been leaders in the movement to dramatically reduce and/or eliminate racially charged micro-aggressions in print media.

Augustina’s: Locally woman-owned and run for over 28 years, Augustina’s has been remodeled, revamped, and recreated to reflect the fashionable and modern clothing owner Tracy Delaney Odle has handpicked from around the world.

Caraucci Designs – Made to Move with You
Caraucci’s versatile silhouettes in vibrant jewel-toned hues are made from cotton, bamboo and rayon jerseys. Their soft plant-based fabrics, ethically crafted designs, and sustainable practices support global mindfulness with a confident, comfortable, and easy-to-wear style. Also available at The Wardrobe:

Christy Dawn Dresses – Honoring Mother Earth: Made from upcycled fabrics or organic cotton, Christy Dawn’s collection of vintage-inspired pieces is crafted with longevity in mind. Each style is intentionally timeless and versatile. These are the wardrobe staples you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Collective Hearts: All Collective Hearts’ jewelry is lovingly handcrafted in Northern California using the highest quality 14k gold fill and sterling silver. Every purchase allows us to give back to worthy organizations close to our heart. Our signature piece, a large heart, was created to radiate love. The initial response was overwhelming. More than a conversation starter, the necklace created an opportunity for warm compliments, true connection, and heart-centered conversation. The Collective Hearts jewelry started a movement and seemingly overnight a heart tribe of love warriors was born.

The Eleventh House: A Store, Gallery, and Gathering Place for Enchanting Connection: 
The Eleventh House holds a space for mysticism, love, magic and community with workshops, events, tarot and astrology readings, and healing services. Owner Lili personally co-designs their selection of Hampui Medicine Hats, like the one seen on this website.

Malia Mills – Swimwear: In addition to their signature bra-sized swimwear, their collection includes beautifully made ready to wear, underwear, and accessories. From A to F cup and size 1 to 22 they create with a magic mix of savoir faire, joie de vivre, and a design aesthetic that resonates deeply despite the passage of time. To quote Vogue, “Malia Mills is nothing short of a modern-day savior. When she began her swimwear company, she started a veritable body image revolution.”

Pamona Purdy Jewelry – Distinctive Handcrafted Jewelry: Pamona Purdy’s designs feature mindfully created jewelry with beautiful gemstones and handcrafted metal beads in rich textures and colors, all gathered from every corner of the earth. Pamona Purdy’s designs are also available at The Wardrobe.

The Wardrobe: Styling Davis Since 1988:
Woman-owned and run by founder Heather Caswell since 1988, most of the Wardrobe’s clients have been coming for decades. Heather’s greatest love is helping women in Northern California discover their truest self through color, style and beautiful adornments.  More than 60% of The Wardrobe’s selection is CA-made.

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