What is Amba Movement?

Amba Movement is an Embodied Feminine Movement class that is based in accessing the vital energy, fluidity, receptivity, and wisdom of the body. Through these embodiment practices, we are able to remember our true essence and access a source of primordial love and deep nourishment from within.

The practice of Amba Movement is about deeply connecting to:

-your body
-your breath
-your heart
-your essence
-your power
-your joy
-your radiance
-your inner wisdom
-your center

. . . it’s about coming home to YOU.

Ellen Katharine experienced her first Amba class soon after the birth of her second child, during a time when her body was not responding well to her usual rigorous yoga practice. Amba helped her find a gentle, accessible, and deeply pleasurable “way in” to her body that was different from anything she had ever experienced, while bringing together many elements of everything she loved. The more she practiced these wavelike, flowing movement patterns, the more she noticed a subtle inner radiance and increased feelings of well-being and sensuality emerging from the very core of her being. She was hooked! After many years of studying with Amba founder Meghan Makena whenever she could, Ellen completed her Amba Facilitator Training in Topanga Canyon, California, in 2019. She loves sharing this practice with other women and especially with busy mothers, for whom finding a way to nurture themselves and engage in good self-care can often seem an all-too-distant goal.

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