NEW! Wednesday Morning Beginners MELT Class In Village Homes

New Class In Village Homes ~ FIRST CLASS IS FREE!
Wednesday Mornings 11:30am–12:15am

Note: there are now two (2) MELT classes in a row on Wednesdays at Applegate Dance. This gentle and beginners’ class takes place at 11:30 am, AFTER the standard MELT class. All are of course welcome to try both classes, but please note that we WILL be getting up and down off of the floor in the earlier class. 
What is the MELT METHOD and why should I add it to my self-care routine?
The MELT (myofascial energetic length technique) Method is a long-lasting and cumulative self-care technique that has been scientifically proven to reduce and/or eliminate chronic pain and inflammation, as well as to reduce and/or reverse signs of arthritis, among many other conditions.
Who can benefit from this class? And do I have to be able to get up and down off of the floor in order to participate?
ANYONE can benefit from this class, especially those who are completely new to MELT, older seniors, and/or anyone who struggles to get up and down from the floor. We will focus primarily on the MELT Method hand, food, and face treatments at the barre, as well as some roller work done standing against the wall. These treatments have been proven to reduce and even reverse the effects of arthritis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and migraines. $15 per class, $125 for a package of ten. Drop-ins welcome. 

Wednesdays ~ 11:30am–12:15am

Applegate Dance 
2657 Portage Bay East
Davis, California, 95616

$15 per class, $125 for a package of ten. Drop-ins welcome.
For more information: email, call or text Ellen at 916-807-0442 • Show up at the door, reserve online at Applegate Dance or register below to secure a spot!

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