Spring Solstice Cleanse and Weekend Wilderness Retreat

This is our most popular and powerful seasonal cleanse, one that culminates in a “mini wilderness retreat.” Longer than the summer, fall, or winter solstice cleanses, this cleanse is held at the traditional time of year for cleaning out the old and welcoming in the new: spring! Together, we’ll spend four days transitioning into and three days transitioning out of a fully vegan herbal cleanse and fast, for a total of 21 days of cleansing. This cleanse offers daily ZOOM support meetings for the first week, then 2-3 meetings per week until our departure for the wilderness. At some point during the preparatory period leading up to our 4-day “mini wilderness retreat,” we suggest that all participants read Bill Plotkin’s Soul Craft. As Ellen has been meditating, fasting, and spending time alone in nature for over 25 years, there will be some basic retreat guidelines provided for those who desire such support. Otherwise, this is YOUR time to connect with your own true essence. Appropriate for both vegetarians and vegans. Partners and adult children are welcome and encouraged to participate in what we hope will become a healing annual ritual for you and your entire family (chosen or otherwise).

Dates and Eventbrite Tickets Coming Soon.

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