Winter Healthy Nervous System Tea Harvest and Preparation

Here at our house, we’re able to grow tulsi (aka holy basil) and lemon balm outdoors all year round. Which is a good thing, because our favorite Winter Healthy Nervous System tea is a combination of these plants together with organic oat straw from Mountain Rose Herbs. Winter is the perfect time to begin winding down in the evenings with a tea that can support deep, healing rest. When it’s time “to winter,” as in, go inside (on all levels), rest deeply, and let your attention turn ever-more-deeply inward, these plants are your dear friends. Come join us to harvest tulsi and lemon balm, and to combine them with dried oatstraw for a Healthy Nervous System tea that will help make this winter and especially cozy and rejuvenative one for you and your loved ones.

Dates and Eventbrite Tickets Coming Soon.

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